Stollen, Premium - Original Size

Stollen - Original Size

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Stollen is a very special holiday bread with a rich history, available only during the winter season.

It is inextricably linked to the holiday traditions of Germany and has been made for hundreds of years. First recorded in 1474 several regional versions exist, the most famous one being made in Dresden/Germany.

Our Original Premium Stollen is an original recipe from Dresden; every single one is hand-made in our bakery, buttered twice and cured for 2 weeks for optimal flavor before available for purchase.

Naturally, we use only the best ingredients for it: Local farmstead butter, heritage flours and our own candied fruits and spice mix. These nuances are what make our Stollen unique - and you can taste it.

Passion, expertise and the best ingredients come together in making a true Stollen. Every year during Christmas time Brotbakery is delighted to bring the centuries-old tradition of Stollen making  in it’s most authentic form to Vermont.


ingredients : *= organic

heritage wheat flour*, farmstead butter, milk*, almonds*, hazelnuts*, currants*, raisins*, orange & lemon* peel, cane sugar*, local untreated honey, spices*, local farmstead egg yolk, rum, salt, fresh yeast, sourdough*



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