Breads and Pastries
Breads and Pastries

Our school is the heart and soul of what we love: Baking!

We created Brot Bakhouse School and Kitchen to provide a place for people who love food & baking and are curious about the craft and science around it, to come together and share their passion and knowledge. In partnership with other bakers, pastry chefs, and food-makers we offer classes and workshops that center about the ancient craft of bread baking - but also go much further. Our creative process is based on curiosity, knowledge and compassion for our shared planet.

At Brot Bakhouse School and Kitchen we specialize in sourdough baking and plant-based baking with all natural ingredients. Whether you join us for a class, a workshop, or just come to visit: We - and our bread cultures - welcome you to the bakehouse.

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Sourdough Bread

We have been teaching how to make our classic sourdough country bread in everything from private classes to community and food festivals over the years, developing many variations while preserving the true character of this bread.

Taught in all Sourdough baking workshops and our Bread Baking 101 classes, as well as in our online lectures, this bread is part stone-ground flour, part heritage wheat, spelt and rye, and it is made entirely with natural leavening. It's a simple bread, yet full of flavor and complexity - made the way artisan bread has been made for hundreds of years.

Using our own sourdough starter cultures the dough is mixed by hand and the bread enjoys an exceptional long fermentation time. Careful handling and a high temperature bake gives this bread its exceptional texture, crust and flavor.


Baking With Specialty Grains

Every year we offer a few classes and special workshops about baking with rye, spelt, and specialty grains.

Making bread and pastries with these grains can sometimes be challenging: It calls for different methods, techniques and handling of the dough.

Explore the flavorful, rustic breads that can be made with grains other than the mighty wheat and learn century-old methods for baking with sourdough to get the best results.
Breads we make in our special grain classes include: German Rye, Pumpernickel, Kräuterbrot (a distinct bread made with the addition of bread spices), Sprouted Grain Bread and Gluten Free Sourdough.
Also offered as private sessions.

European Holiday Baking

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