German Holiday Specialties

Stollen, Lebkuchen, Zimtsterne and more...

We make all our holiday items using original regional recipes and are one of the few bakeries in the US that uses authentic methods and ingredients for all of our holiday items.

We make everything from scratch in the bakery; from candied fruits to marzipan. Furthermore our Classic German Stollen is made according to the rules and guidelines of the Dresdner Stollen Association.

All our ingredients are organic and everything is made by hand. The premium Stollen is cured for 2 weeks before we sell them to the public.

Available in 2020:

Classic German Stollen 
Half Size Stollen 
Mohnstollen (Stollen with poppy seed almond filling)
Stollen Biscotti   
Lebkuchen and Printen 
European Holiday cookie selection

All items will be available to pick up at the bakery in December. We offer socially distance pickup and have specific days and times for pickup. Please check our online store for products and pickup times.

A selection of our holiday items is also available at City Market, Onion River Coop in Burlington and at Misery Loves Company in Winooski. Stollen Bites are available at Onyx Tonics Specialty Coffee in Burlington.

German Holiday Specialties