Seasonal Items, Sourdough Cakes & Pastries

This popular laminated dough pastry is taken to a new level when made with a sourdough starter: o.k., maybe it’s less sweet, less delicate than the "classic" croissant - but so flavorful!

Olive Oil Brioche with Buckwheat:
Where's the butter? Well, not in this version of the French classic. We love the subtle flavor of olive oil and the addition of sourdough, whole grains and buckwheat honey makes it even more intriguing.

Made with sourdough starter? Try it! Our Poundcakes and the popular Chocolate Rye Bread are rich and decadent but not too sweet.

Available in the summer and fall, when we harvest our berries and apples - plus a winter-spice version for the colder season.

Buckwheat Walnut Cracker (V/GF):
Buckwheat Flour, Rice, Walnuts, EVOO, Sea Salt - this is our favorite cracker, ever

Seasonal Items, Sourdough Cakes & Pastries