Breads and Pastries
Breads and Pastries

The Brot School

Our school is the heart and soul of what we love

We created Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen to provide a place for people who love food & baking to come together, share their passion and their knowledge. In partnership with other bakers, chefs, and food-makers we offer classes and workshops that center around the ancient craft of bread baking - but also go much further. Our creative process is based on curiosity, knowledge and compassion for our shared planet.

Why organic?

We believe growing organically is better for our health and the health of our planet. A grain that is grown without pesticides can develop more robust chemical defenses against environmental stresses and predators. The soil is healthier and the deeper root systems allow the plant to draw more minerals from the soil. Plus, organic farmers often choose heirloom or native varieties over "Frankenwheats", which can be more nutritious - and are definitely more flavorful. By the way: Organically grown always means non-gmo.

Why local?

Eating local doesn't just mean supporting your local farmer. It also has a host of positive economic, social and environmental effects. Local foods tend to be fresher, have more nutrients and use less packaging. It leads to strong local economies that benefit our communities.

Why baking with us?

All our teachers are experts in their field and they love to share that knowledge with you. Our approach is in-depth and hands-on, so you can go home with a deep knowledge and appreciation of the world of natural bread baking. Plus: Learning about sourdough fermentation and bread flavor pairing is fun and delicious!

Join us in our bakehouse in Vermont—all are welcome!

Check our class calendar under "Classes" for the current offerings.


Classic Sourdough Breads

I have been teaching how to make our signature classic sourdough country bread since we startet Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen in 2011. Ever evolving, this recipe has seen many variations, always preserving the true character of the bread. Part stone-ground wheat flour, part spelt and rye, salt, water and sourdough: This is a simple bread, yet full of flavor and complexity - made in a way artisan bread has been made for hundreds of years. 

But bread traditions only start here! From nordic rye breads to flatbreads from the fertile crescent: We have travelled the world to bring the most authentic bread baking tradtions to you. 

Using our own starter cultures and local grains whenever possible, our dough is gently mixed and enjoys an exceptional long fermentation time. Careful handling and wood-fired oven bakes gives the bread an exceptional texture, crust and flavor.

Bread Crumbs
Baking with grains

The Pastries

Being born with a "sweet tooth" I was always drawn to pastry making. The challenge for me is to make them really good, but without weird or fake ingredients.

Pastries are the playful cousins of breads - they are delicious and irresistible, fun and decadent. At Brot we look at traditions to have new ideas, we make combinations, we re-interpret century-old recipes, using sourdough in almost every pastry we make.

You don't have to be a pastry chef to make fabulous things! We will teach you the basics and beyond. All that is required is curiosity, enjoying new flavors, and having fun learning new techniques.
Available as group lessons and private lessons.



Baking with grains

Holiday Baking Traditions

Holiday baked goods have a long tradition in our bakehouse, in fact, we started making original German holiday baked goods in our first year in Vermont and never stopped.

At Brot we are well-known for our traditional Christstollen and our authentic Panettone. If you love to learn about old-world traditions and like to explore the recipes and stories around making them, we invite you to take one of our holiday-themed classes.

Every year in November and December we teach German Holiday baking via Zoom so you can join from around the world. We also invite guest teachers who know all about their specialty to come to the bakehouse and share their recipes, from Italian Christmas cookies to the French Bûche de Noël and Dutch Spekuloos. Happy delicious holidays!

European Holiday Baking

Private Classes & Team Building

From wood-fired oven building workshops to pizza making, from truffles to plant based pastries: Can't find what you like to learn in our group classes? Book a private class with us!

We offer custom workshop or classes with your family, group of friends or your team.

We can host up to 12 people on site and up to 35 people online. Also, check the class calendar (updated several times a year) for special group workshops and top-notch guest teachers.