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Bread baking is not only about creating something with your hands that is almost as old as human civilization - it's also about nourishing people. Thousands of years of bread-making history continues to bring us together as people around the world. 

Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen weaves together our love for baking and the passion to offer this knowledge to you. Our classes are for every skill-level and always in small groups, making sure your individual questions are answered. If you don't see the class subject you a looking for at a certain time, you can also book a private class (1-8 participants) with us. I hope that you will join us in the art, craft and the adventure of bread baking in our small, inviting bakehouse in northern Vermont.

Our teachers are the best in their field and with them we are able to venture out to cooking, preserving, sourdough intensives, wood-fired oven building and much more. Starting in 2024 we will also offer curated bread tasting events and dinners as I will be completing my training as one of the few Certified Bread Sommeliers in North America.

Our grains are often heirloom varieties and most of them come from Vermont, New York, Quebec and Maine. We use whole grains that are milled on site or in a local mill. Our herbs and vegetables for the tastings are grown in our own garden and the fields and forests around us. 

Read more about our courses by clicking on the individual class description. Our classes sell out quickly, but you can always put your name on the waitlist if a class is sold out -  cancellations happen frequently!

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Please read the important information for any class or event at Brot

I I understand that my participation in every event/class is voluntary and I recognize and understand that culinary classes have inherent risks and hazards and that my participation is solely at my own risk. I will assume full responsibility for any resulting injuries, illnesses, and damages. 

I agree to release and hold harmless Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen, the owners of Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen and their teachers and staff, from and against any and all claims and/or liability for any injury suffered while I participate in a cooking or baking event/class.

I understand that Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen reserves the right to cancel a class at any time due to unforeseen circumstances or incidents beyond our control. We also reserve the right to cancel a class if the minimum number of participants is not reached 2 weeks before class date. If Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen needs to postpone or cancel a class a full refund will be given. I understand and acknowledge that there is no reimbursement of travel costs or other incidents in connection with the class should the class or event need to be canceled.