Baking For the Love And Craft Of It - A Baker's Retreat

Advanced / Professional Level Class

Join Karen Bornarth, executive director of the Bread Bakers Guild of America, for a two-day hands-on class to reconnect to the craft of baking, and rediscover, or discover anew, techniques that satisfy our interests as craftspeople, and our customers' interests in delicious bread.  

Registration now open online

We will explore formulas using different preferments and formulas that don't use preferments at all, utilize different mixing styles and shaping techniques, try out a variety of grains, and generally shake things up.  You will come away re-energized with ideas for new products and new approaches to your standard line-up.

    Featured products include:

  • Miche on a two-stage levain
  • 100% Rye Bread
  • Cinnamon Sweet Bread (with a flying sponge)
  • Moroccan M'smen (a non-yeasted laminated flatbread)
  • Buckwheat Baguette
  • Hokkaido Milk Bread (using the Yudane method)


Karen Bornarth is Executive Director of the Guild, and has been a member for more than 20 years.  Her career in the baking industry includes work as a production baker, a baking teacher, product developer and consultant.  She brings an interest in workforce and small business development to her work with the Guild, and a love for baked goods of all kinds.

Guild Members Price - $450

New Members Price - $550 (includes a 1 yr membership fee)

Organized by The Bread Baker's Guild Of America - August 19 & 20, 2023  - more information and to register please visit the Bread Baker's Guild website 


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Cancellation Policy

Please note the cancellation policies set by the Bread Baker's Guild of America. Accommodation is not included but we will gladly assist. Please check our Culinary Vacation page for more information on accommodation in the area.