Sourdough101: Bake at Home

Online Class

Learn to bake a classic sourdough bread with Heike just like you would in a class at Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen - without leaving your kitchen! We offer a limited number of online personal 1:1 baking sessions via Zoom or FaceTime. All you need is an active sourdough starter, flour, water and a few baking tools.

One week before class date you receive the formula of Brotbakery’s Classic Sourdough so you can get the ingredients, familiarize yourself with the recipe and refresh your starter culture accordingly. On class day you can watch, ask quetions, practice your skills and get expert advice in everything sourdough before you head over to your oven and bake the loaf of bread we prepared together.

When next dates: winter 2021/spring 2022
How  3 Zoom or FaceTime meetings
Costs  $75


What to expect from this class:

We will have 3 online sessions on 3 consecutive days:  Friday evening intro, Saturday bake day and a Sunday follow up. During the Friday session we will do a short video call (about 15-20 minutes) at 8 pm to refresh your starter and make the sourdough for the next day.

The next day we start around 10 am. In this session we will make the bread dough together with the sourdough you prepared the night before. You will receive instructions on how to mix and fold the dough and will continue with folding and shaping your bread to bake it on your own later in the day or the next morning. The session will be 1.5 hours of hands-on instructions followed by 20 minutes Q&A and discussion. We will get back together online in the afternoon to shape the bread together in the afternoon -  depending on feremtation time this session will be around 3 or 4 pm for about 45 minutes to one hour.

On the following day we will have a 30-45 minute follow-up video call to evaluate your bread and discuss the results. We will end the course with a sensory bread tasting.

- Access to the formula & media library of Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen, containing short instructional videos on sourdough and bread baking techniques (updates summer 2020)
- The opportunity to schedule follow-up consultations to discuss problems and challenges in your bread baking adventure

What you need:
 - an active sourdough starter
- 1 kg of wheat flour & 500 g of Whole Wheat, Einkorn or Spelt flour, plus all purpose flour for dusting
- a thermometer
- pizza baking stone or dutch oven cooker
- bench scraper, silicone, ideally round
- bench knife (sharp blade)
- large bowl
- banneton (Brotform) for proofing

Questions? Email or call us

Please be aware of our cancellation policy:

Full Payment is due upon registering for a class. We understand that there will be circumstances whereby you will need to cancel your course or change the date. Given a day or more notice we are happy to offer a full refund.

Please note that Eventbrite Fees are non-refundable.

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