EURO BREAD TOUR - Arriving in Germany and bread baking is alive and well

First stop on our EURO BREAD TOUR 2018 is Hamburg, Germany. It was a particular chilly day in the port city of Hamburg and the sky was wintery grey as we landed. 

First stop (we skipped the airplane breakfast so we were hungry) was the bakery Dallmeyer, was well positioned outside Arrivals in Terminal 1. It was a bakeshop, so definitely a chain bakery that uses prebaked dough (you cannot open a bakery and sell bread in Germany unless you are a certified Master Baker - so anybody who is not certified will call it a “bakeshop” instead), but the quality of the buns (rye sourdough and oat crumble savory bread bun) was flawless. 

A crunchy thin crust was met with a soft baked-through center - one could tell, there are no human hands involved here and the character and uniqueness of each piece was missing, but on has to admit that the taste was nearly perfect.

It is nice to see that the craft of baking is well and alive, but it was also a bit scary to see the high number of bakeshops vs. proper bakeries. It seems like industrialized food is taken more and more space on our food map - all around the world.

But we were hopeful: Next week we will visit several craft bakers in Germany, traveling from Hamburg to Berlin and Cologne and then further on to Strasbourg and Paris. Next stop: Ahrensburg, a small village outside of Hamburg where one of Germany’s best know bakers Lutz Geissler aka “the unconventional outsider” is giving bread baking classes on a Demeter (organic) farm, with wood-fired bread oven, a creamery, an organic farm shop and a café. 

Can’t wait! Check back soon…