EURO BREAD TOUR: A visit with "Plötzblog" baker Lutz Geissler

Meeting Lutz was short but sweet - it’s always great to meet with likeminded people to share thoughts, methods and ideas (plus coffee, cake and bread of course…). We talked about ovens, recipes, baking bread in the US vs Germany, the “new” German bread culture (Bakeshops who use frozen yeast dough vs. hand-made, sourdough breads) and the difficulties of working in an old, sometimes not so flexible, system of rules and regulations - and the advantages of having those in place.

The German “Master Baker” law comes to mind: One can only make and sell hand made breads in a shop or bakery in Germany when there is a certified master baker on site. Otherwise you can buy pre-made dough, breads and baked goods and “finish them” in an on-site oven for sale. 

Is this a good thing for quality standard? Or a hurdle for those who are truly passionate and knowledgeable about bread baking but don’t have a formal training?

The debate is open …

For those of you who read German, check out Lutz’ excellent baking blog Plötzblog:

Below you see a picture of Lutz in front of the wood-fired bread oven at Hof Wulsdorf, a biodynamic community with a wonderful farm, bakery, dairy and shop on site.