Where And How

WHERE CAN I BUY YOUR PRODUCTS? Currently we are making a very limited amount of baked goods. As we are preparing for the next step of Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen (preparing to become a certified Bread Sommelier) we are only able to make a small, curated selection our sourdough pastries. Those will be available at Onyx Tonics Specialty Coffee in Burlington, VT, every week, except during travels.


HOW CAN I TAKE A CLASS? Check out the schedule under "classes". Most summer classes are in-person, while our holiday and winter classes are virtual, via zoom. Our bakehouse is located in Fairfax, Vermont, about 40 min from Burlington, VT, 1.5 hrs from Montréal and about 3.5 hrs from Boston. 

You can book a private sourdough class for a group of friends or family - we can tailor all classes to your interests and accommodate everyone from absolute beginners to professionals. 


Please read the unpopular but important information for any class or event at Brot:

I understand that Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen reserves the right to cancel a class at any time due to unforeseen circumstances or incidents beyond our control. We also reserve the right to cancel a class if the minimum number of participants is not reached 2 weeks before class date. If Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen needs to postpone or cancel a class a full refund will be given. I understand and acknowledge that there is no reimbursement of travel costs or other incidents in connection with the class should the class or event need to be canceled. 

I I understand that my participation in every event/class is voluntary and I recognize and understand that culinary classes have inherent risks and hazards and that my participation is solely at my own risk. I will assume full responsibility for any resulting injuries, illnesses, and damages. 

I agree to release and hold harmless Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen, the owners of Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen and their teachers and staff, from and against any and all claims and/or liability for any injury suffered while I participate in a cooking or baking event/class.



Looking for a team building class? We can host groups of up to 12 people in the bakehouse during the summer months.
Our most popular class is the Bread Baking 101 class, where we teach the first steps of making a sourdough bread at home. Other popular classes are Sourdough Pizza, holiday baking classes and Vermont food baking & tasting classes. New this summer: Bread Tasting classes! 

To learn more about private classes please email us: Heike (at) brotbakery.com

TAKE A VIRTUAL (ONLINE) CLASS! This is great if you cannot travel or want to deepen your knowledge of certain topics without investing a lot of time. Our virtual classes are often geared towards beginning bakers and are shorter, thus easier to fit into your schedule. Every class included time for Q&A and exchange in the group so we encourage you to join in live as much as you can. Find the current schedule on our website under "classes".

VISIT OUR POP-UP!  Our sourdough bread and pastries are available on certain pop-up-bake-days, either here at the bakery, or at at Misery Loves Company in Winooski, VT and Hudak Farm in St. Albans (summer only). Please subscribe to our newsletter or check our social media channels for up-to-date information.


Would you like to give the gift of bread baking to a special person? Check out the options under "Classes and Gift Certificates"