Whole Grain Breads

We make different season whole grain breads throughout the year:

Whole Grain Spelt or Matcha Spelt
Whole Spelt Flour (freshly milled), Spelt Sourdough Culture, Sesame and Sea Salt - an hommage to the beautiful grain spelt (seasonally also made with Matcha tea and Pumpkin)

The real German pumpernickel is a regional specialty that embodies the character of it's native region in northern Germany: 100% freshly milled rye, baked (or rather 'steamed') for at least 20 hours it's a true specialty bread with a distinct sweet flavor.

A distinct bread from northern Itlay and the alpine regions of Europe, this flatbread is made with freshly milled spelt and rye and gets it's special flavor from the addition of bread spices like Blue Fenugreek and ground fennel.