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Brot  (phonetic spelling: \bro:t\) =  German for bread

From dark, crusty country loaves and hearty rye breads to rustic sourdough pastries and delectable cakes: We teach baking.

Starting with organic grains, sourdough culture and salt, adding just water and lots of time to develop flavor, texture and digestibility, we focus on all-things baking with a natural starter culture. But our classes are not only about bread: Here you can deepen your understanding of natural pastry making, sourdough alchemy, local food systems and the history of baking around the world.

Our classes and workshops are fun, informative and hands-on, so you can go home with a deep knowledge and appreciation of the world of natural fermentation and century old baking techniques, continuing your own baking adventure at home.

Thankful to be based in Vermont - where local, fresh ingredients are bountiful and community support is strong - we pride ourselves on using only the freshest, most flavorful ingredients. Whenever possible we source from our Fairfax bakery homestead and from local farms where the land, people and animals are treated with respect and integrity.

By promoting the use of chemical-free, whole food ingredients, we hope to continue building a holistic food culture, ensuring nutrient-dense natural foods and the knowledge around them are also going to be here for the next generation.

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Brot Bakehouse and School


"The best breads are made from a bit of grain, water, salt, natural leaven and endless passion to create something outstanding."

Our baking school was created to help bakers understand the basic principles of sourdough baking - be it bread, pastries or advanced specialties like Panettone.

We focus on small, hands-on classes and technical information to help you understand the alchemy of sourdough baking. But you're not spending the day in your typical 'school classroom': Our working bakery is nestled between Lake Champlain and the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont; where European hospitality and a serene setting meet high-quality instruction. Our teaching approach is different than in many other classes: Expect to put your hands in the dough and be challenged - and to leave with a new appreciation of the world of flour, wild yeasts and microorganism. This is the perfect environment for those who want to learn and unwind.

All are welcome here! We teach classes and workshops year-round in our modern, inviting bakehouse. We are also available for private classes and group classes that can be tailored to your needs - please check our class page for upcoming classes and more information, or email us for more information.



Heike was born in Berlin and raised in northern Germany (AKA rye-land). She has been baking since childhood, starting with apple cakes as a 5 year old and moving on to apprenticeship and stages in bakeries across the globe. 

After studying International Tourism and Languages she worked abroad for many years before settling in Vermont in 2008. A wood-fired bread oven in the kitchen rekindled her passion for baking, and in the first summer of living in Vermont she started selling bread at a local Farmer's Market. 

Always curious to learn more, she started studying with great bakers like Jeffrey Hamelman, Chad Robertson, Nicolas Supiot and Dave Miller among many others. Currently she studies at the German Academy for Professional Bakers to become one of just a few Certified Bread Sommeliers in the world. 

" When my husband and I moved to Vermont in 2008 to start Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen - a school focused on natural baking and food education - I found my true passion.  Driven by the natural beauty all around us, a community of bakers and makers, and a strong, supportive local food system we strive to make healthy, wholesome and nourishing bread available to everyone through teaching the ancient craft of bread baking."